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We’re pleased to inform you that we have just launched a school app.

The school will be using the app to send out the school newsletter articles, general updates, reminders, events and much, much more!

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Dance and Glee Concert

Congratulations to all dance students for a wonderful performance in the Dance and Glee Concert, at the Kel Watson Theatre, on Tuesday 2nd December.

Three Year Old Kinder Dance Group

Four Year Old Kinder Dance Group

Prep Dance Club

Sapphire Dance Troupe

Sparkle Dance Troupe

Boys Dance Club

Star Dance Troupe

Diamond Dance Troupe

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It is with great pleasure I announce that Grace W was presented with the Bert Sloane Youth Achievement Award by the Rotary Club of Forest Hill.

Grace has achieved much success in her academic studies and always applies herself enthusiastically to the task in hand.

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On Tuesday 18th November, forty selected students from Level Two to Four, travelled by bus to Traralgon to perform at Stockdale Primary School. It certainly gave the students a taste of what is involved when entertainers go “on tour”. 

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Real Life Adventures – Curiosity

Last Friday we had our ‘Curiosity’ adventure. Everyone had a great time learning about what is involved in a live performance. We paid a visit to the Circus Oz headquarters in Collingwood where we watched a live show. Most of us were in fits of laughter as the three actors put on a performance. Their level of skill, balance, strength and animation was incredible! Afterwards we had a turn in the spotlight as we were given some training in circus skills. Some had a try at juggling, hula hooping and acrobatics. To finish off the adventure we ventured backstage to see where costumes and props were made and stored. They had quite a collection, mostly handmade! Check out all the photos by clicking here.

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I take this opportunity to thank Ms Carslake for her preparedness to “put in the extra hours” in order for selected Year Six students to participate in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest. Each student’s task was to design a poster with the theme “Imagine Peace”.

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Real Life Adventures – Horse Power

Last Friday we had our Horse Power adventure. Everyone had a great time learning about these beautiful creatures. For some students, this was the first time they had seen a horse up close and touched it. Before riding the horses, we experienced what it was like to care for them by brushing and combing them. After building up our confidence in an enclosed area we went on a trail ride through the bush. We then swapped roles and felt what it was like being a horse and pulling a carriage. Being a sunny day, we jumped into some canoes and splashed around in the water to see what it was like to pull a load in water. Check out all the photos by clicking here.

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