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Bastille Day


On Friday 19th June, Burwood Heights Primary School celebrated Bastille Day. It was a fun-filled day where students dressed up in French-themed costumes of blue, white and red to celebrate French National Day.

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Real Life Adventures - Bin It

Last week we went on our ‘Bin It’ adventure. It was smelly, dirty and at times very noisy! Yet despite the awful smells and loud machinery, we learnt a great deal about where they take all the things we throw in our bins.

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Dance Fair Victoria Choreographic Competition

Burwood Heights - Overall Primary School Champions 2015!!!

A special congratulations to the students who were awarded places:

Grade 5 Solo 1st Place - Amelie

Grade 6 Solo 3rd Place – Mikayla

Grade 5 Duo 1st Place – Belinda and Amelie

Grade 5 Duo 2nd Place – Isabella and Kristy

Grade 6 Duo 1st Place – Ashleigh and Paige

Grade 6 Team 2nd Place – Maddie, Towa, Zoe, Samantha, Paige, Ashleigh & Mikayla

Grade 5/6 Troupe 2nd Place – Kieren, Eva, Lesedi, Zoe, Samantha, Paige, Maddie, Towa, Mikayla, Ayaka, Keeana & Rachael

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District Cross Country

On Friday 15th May we had our most talented long distance runners participate in the District Cross Country.

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Real Life Adventures - Farmer Wants A Cow

Last week we went on our ‘Farmer Wants A Cow’ adventure. Our mission was to learn as much as we could about dairy. So what better way to find out than to spend a couple of days on a working dairy farm? John & Rike McCormack own a dairy farm in Gippsland and were generous enough to welcome us into their home and share their life and expertise with us. Everyone had an incredible time experiencing new things and learning new skills.

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Dance Fair Victoria Choreographic Competition

Each year students in Grade Five and Six have the opportunity to enter the Dance Fair Victoria Choreographic Competition. We are able to enter two solos, two duos and two teams for both Grade Five and Grade Six. We are also able to enter one Troupe that can consist of students from both Grade Five and Six.

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5/6 Camp - Campaspe Downs

On the 25th of March the level 4 students left for camp! There were lots of fun activities, delicious food and a disco! There was a variety of games, sports and adventures such as bushcraft, possum glider, canoeing and archery. The students were divided into five activity groups. The names of the groups were characters from a book the 5/6’s were reading, ‘The Light Horse Boy’. In each cabin there were 8-12 students. The girls were at the front of the building and the boys were at the back.

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