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We’re pleased to inform you that we have just launched a school app.

The school will be using the app to send out the school newsletter articles, general updates, reminders, events and much, much more!

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Real Life Adventures – Horse Power

Last Friday we had our Horse Power adventure. Everyone had a great time learning about these beautiful creatures. For some students, this was the first time they had seen a horse up close and touched it. Before riding the horses, we experienced what it was like to care for them by brushing and combing them. After building up our confidence in an enclosed area we went on a trail ride through the bush. We then swapped roles and felt what it was like being a horse and pulling a carriage. Being a sunny day, we jumped into some canoes and splashed around in the water to see what it was like to pull a load in water. Check out all the photos by clicking here.

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John Monash Science School Exhibition Night

Last Thursday, four students from BHPS were invited to the John Monash Science School Exhibition Night to present their own research project. Our students completed two projects. The girls worked together to make two batteries; one using a potato and the other a lemon. Their project involved the comparison of volts produced by the potato and the lemon. According to their research, the lemon produced more volts than the potato. Meanwhile the boys wanted to witness more action, so they observed the chemical reaction a Mentos makes with soft drink. Testing four drinks; lemonade, diet lemonade, Coke and diet Coke, they wanted to find out which drink makes the best rocket after adding a Montos. According to their research, diet Coke generates the best reaction. Want to view their video, click here 

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Whitehorse Spring Festival

On Sunday 19th October over ninety students performed on the main stage at the Whitehorse Spring Festival.

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Art Show – Australia

On Thursday 16th October we saw the launch of ‘Art Show Australia’. This year’s exhibition has culminated in a year long exploration on aspects of Australian art and history in the Visual Arts. Students from all year levels explored Australian themes including Indigenous art, botanical drawings of native flora and fauna by artist Sydney Parkinson aboard The Endeavour; Frederick McCubbin and his painting, ‘The Lost Child’; the work of artist Margaret Preston and her images of native wildflowers and the Sydney Harbour Bridge; the iconic Ned Kelly paintings by Sidney Nolan and Australian author and illustrator Shaun Tan. Students have enthusiastically participated in varied projects including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and ceramics.

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Busy Builders!

Some of our students have been busy creating their own grass hut. After our oval received a haircut, a handful of students decided to make use of the cut grass. Collecting the grass together they built walls and even added a roof to make a little cubby! What an incredible display of creativity, design and imagination.

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On Wednesday 8th October 2014, a small group of amazing athletes participated in the Whitehorse Division Athletics. These students were in the top of their age group, at School Athletics, and District Athletics. We would like to congratulate Ann J, Mikayla W, James F, Samantha E, Jasmine L and Katrina N for their efforts and for representing Burwood Heights Primary School proudly.

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