Real Life Adventures - Court in Law

We allegedly committed the crime of having fun while learning about our justice system. Being apprehended at the East Melbourne Police station, we had the opportunity to interview a real police officer. We examined his uniform and the weapons police carried with them while on duty. Backup was called in and we were escorted to the watch-house to be interrogated and locked up in a cell.


Once released, we made a run for the Victorian Police Museum to inspect the history of police in Victoria. After investigating the evidence we were all in agreement that the police force should be highly respected for its commitment and dedication to upholding the law. For the record, although we had our mug shot taken, no one was found guilty.


From here we were summoned to the law courts. Passing through security and high level surveillance, we witnessed a live trial at the Magistrates Court. Our first impression of a court room was intimidating due to strict protocol procedures. Crossing over the road to the Supreme Court, we were escorted through the grand buildings and given the opportunity to choose a seat in the court…as the prosecutor, the defendant or a member of the jury or media.


Finally, we had to go undercover as we made our way to the Old Melbourne Gaol. Inside we were given a snapshot of the life of a prisoner. Confined to isolation, darkness and cold, this was not a happy place. Seeking bail, we were granted our freedom and escaped to return to our much loved homes. To check out more photos, visit our flickr page