First Real Life Adventure for the Year- Set Sail!

On the cool fresh morning of Friday 8th March, ten seafaring students met Commander Volz and First Mate Flowers, ready to take on the seven seas. The day promised light breezes and warm weather. Perfect for hoisting the sails and launching into a new and exciting experience.


We arrived at our destination, Albert Park Lake, mid-morning. The lake looked calm and peaceful, but it wouldn’t stay like that for long. The energy and exuberance of Burwood Heights Primary School students definitely created waves. Waves of infectious laughter, squeals and fun that rippled across the lake and beyond.


With safety checks complete, we set to work learning how to steer a boat. We were introduced to the rudder and tiller and shown how they work. In no time students were steering their own boats with ease. Next step . . . rigging. Each pair was responsible for rigging their own vessel in preparation for sailing and controlling them at ‘sea’. Crews swiftly assembled their boats and were ready to ‘Set Sail’. They sailed around the lake with confidence and enthusiasm, demonstrating every skill practised on dry land.


To finish the day the team was set a challenge to ‘sink the boat’. All ten students clambered onto one small, helpless, little sailboat and started rocking, jumping and doing whatever they could to sink it. It took the team only eight seconds to sink it with everyone ending up overboard and the boat capsizing. Soggy kids sloshed ashore and headed into the changerooms to dry out.


The perfect start to the 2019 season of ‘Real Life Adventures’.