Grade 5 Dance Stars Competition

Congratulations to the Grade Five students who competed at the Dance Stars Competition on Saturday 4th May, 2019. All the students confidently performed their own choreography, which many groups started working on in Term Four last year. Students who achieved first or second in their section will join our Grade Six finalists to compete in the Dance Stars Grand final on Saturday 15th June, 2019. A special mention to Angie and Austria for dealing with change only the night before and achieving 3rd in the Duo section.



Solo Section

1st – Ava

3rd – Angelina



Duo Section

1st – Angelina and Ava

3rd – Angie and Austria



Team Section

1st – Namya, Ava and Angelina

3rd – Holly, Eloise, Evelynne and Jade



Troupe Section

1st – Gwen, Maral, Lexie, Gigi, Estella, Austria, Holly, Eloise, Jade, Namya, Angelina, Evelynne and Ava