Dance Fair Competition

Dance Fair Victoria

Congratulations to all the students who competed in the Dance Fair Victoria Interschool Competition on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th May, 2019. The students choreographed their own solo, duo, team (3-6 students) and troupe (8+ students) dance items. We also had two groups compete in the ‘learnt work’ section where they performed dance items from last year’s Dance and Glee Concert. It was wonderful to see the students’ creative ideas and collaboration during rehearsals and their confident performances at the competition. All the students should be very proud of their effort. A huge thank-you to staff and families who came along on the evening to help and support the students.


Overall Primary School Winner 2019!

Grade Five
2nd Place – Duo – Ava and Angelina
1st Place – Team – Namya, Angelina and Ava
3rd Place – Team – Evelynne, Eloise, Holly and Jade
1st Place – Troupe – Estella, Ava, Eloise, Gwen, Evelynne, Jade, Austria, Angelina, Matilda, Namya, Holly, Lexie, Gigi and Maral

Grade Six
1st Place – Solo – Ebony
2nd Place – Solo – Gemma
3rd Place – Solo – Meilei
1st Place – Duo – Krisoula and Ebony
2nd Place – Duo – Blathin and Gemma
2nd Place – Team – Mikayla, Gemma and Blathin
3rd Place – Team – Niva, Jasmine and Meilei
1st Place – Troupe – Tashia, Marianthi, Jasmine, Acacia, Krisoula, Ebony, Gemma, Blathin, Mikayla, Niva and Jasmine
2nd Place – Learnt Work – Meilei, Krisoula, Jasmine, Ebony, Gemma, Blathin and Mikayla