First Day of 2020

The first day of school was exciting, but nerve-racking. Especially for our new Preps who started their very first year of school.

The first day of school for our new Prep students brought about smiles, laughter and one or two tears... and that was just the parents!

The Preps started the day with lots of games and get-to-know you activites. They had their photos taken with their families and even drew some pictures of themselves on their first day.

The Prep's favourite part of the day was going to the Prep Playground to play on the slides, climbing walls and bridges. The sand pit and the brand new sand toys were definitely the most popular activity. 

Att he end of the day, all Prep classes came together for their Play-based Inquiry Activites, although some Preppies were found fast asleep in the book corner! 

A very exciting and big day for our Preps, and we are very proud of how they have already settled in.