Unit of Inquiry- Who we are

This year, the Junior, Middle and Senior School will be completing the Who we are Unit of Inquiry across the entire school year, as an overarching theme. This will allow students to delve deeper into their learning, and to connect the Who we are theme, with the other transdisciplinary themes: Where we are in place and time, How the world works, How we organise ourselves, Sharing the Planet, and How we express ourselves.


The Who we are Central Ideas they will be inquiring into are:

Junior School: Our words and actions impact others

Middle School: Our choices affect our wellbeing

Senior School: Physical, emotional and social health influences who we are.

Currently, the Junior School students are learning about how to be ‘Bucket Fillers’ and how their words and actions can bring happiness to themselves and others. While in the Middle School, they are learning about different communities they belong to, and how having a strong community can positively impact their wellbeing.