Astronomy Night

What a truly wonderful evening we had at the Astronomy Night! The atmosphere was almost of a carnival at night, as coloured illuminated wrist bands, neck lights, fluorescent bunny ears and more wove in and out of the darkened shapes of parents and eager children.

The warm soup and barbequed sausages were once again a massive hit.

Having the fires, with sparks flitting into the air, drew the community around, some on rugs, others on chairs and others who just wanted to toast a marshmallow.

The clouds lifted and the moon and the stars showed their presence, even to the naked eye. It was clear from the students’ excitement and comments that viewing the night sky through a telescope was a new experience for many. We were extremely thankful for the sky conditions.

Thank you to all the staff that contributed to the night, generously donating their time and labour. A special thank-you to Mr Chris Rhyder for his execution and management of the whole event.