Burwood Heights Primary welcomes and encourages parent and community involvement in the school. Parents are invited to assist with classroom programs and special activities.


School Council

The School Council has the role of co-ordinating various aspects of school life and providing parents with a voice in school matters. Council is anxious to develop further the already excellent reputation which our school enjoys and to assist, encourage and support our teachers in the provision of the kind of learning experiences we all want for our children. Meetings are held eight times a year and parents are always welcome to attend as observers.

Elections for School Council are held in February/March of each year. If you are considering becoming a member of our Council – the job is not an arduous one and it is a wonderful way to understand the workings of our school, in particular, and education in general. It is also an opportunity to have an input into your child’s education.


Parents’ and Friends’ Network

The aim of the Parents’ and Friends’ Network is to support students and staff in whatever ways they can – from organising rosters of helpers, to running the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls. They are an important link between parents and staff.


Kitchen/Garden programme

Volunteers work with small groups of children in preparing and cooking a dish. Every Homecrafts lesson relies on volunteers helping out. It simply couldn’t operate without the generous support from our helpers.

Class Co-ordinator Scheme

Each class has a Parent Co-ordinator whose role is to assist the class teacher, to promote communication within the grade and to be part of the fundraising sub-committee. Some tasks include arranging a gathering of the class parents so they can get to know each other, arranging parents to assist with an excursion or working with other parents in their level to arrange a fundraising activity. This role is a very important one as it assists not only the teacher but encourages interaction between parents.


Other Voluntary Help

There are many areas around the school where assistance is required, such as in the library, with sporting teams and with Language and Mathematics programmes. We like to see volunteers around the school and the students appreciate their parents being here helping. All kind of help is greatly appreciated.