Real Life Adventures

Real Life Adventures is an attempt to bring reality to the eyeballs and feelings of modern children. It is much harder these days to get access to what is called primary and secondary industry because it is now hidden behind fences and huge walls or has disappeared altogether by going overseas to another country. Nevertheless our small group of students have succeeded on many an occasion thus far in getting passed the suspicious guard, efficient secretary and the big fence with its scary notices.


At Burwood Heights Primary we believe learning exists when students are exposed to an experience to which they can connect. We want to give students the opportunity to go beyond the schoolyard boundaries and have first-hand involvements. We take small groups of students (approximately 10) from Grade Four, Five and Six on ‘adventures’ around the state. Students need to apply for each specific adventure and agree to put in the hard work before and after the expedition. They will be expected to help out with raising the funds and be involved in the planning process. From the moment they apply, students will be taken through a unique learning experience.


Due to the nature of these expeditions, there will often be a limited number of participants. Students who wish to attend need to complete the application form and submit it before the due date. Forms are available from the student’s classroom teacher or can be downloaded from the school’s website.