French is taught by a Specialist Teacher in our dedicated French Room. Students learn to understand, speak, read and write French through a range of methods, including social interaction, routines, following instructions, use of digital technologies, songs, French stories, structured learning tasks and lots of practice. French culture and history is a vital part of the French curriculum.

Extra connections are made for the students through different areas of the Curriculum:

  • In Information Communication Technology (ICT) classes, students often learn to use different computer programs while completing French tasks.
  • Students cook French Cuisine during some Homecrafts lessons.
  • We have several teachers in the school, who speak French so help make connections in the classroom for the students. 
  • The students who learn ballet, in our before and after school dance classes, learn French ballet terminology.

Why French at Burwood Heights Primary School? 

French is closely related to English and uses the same Roman alphabet as English. There are more than 1700 words that are used in both languages making it partly familiar to English- speaking learners. The familiarity supports early stages of learning.

Teaching French also gives every student in the school the opportunity to learn an additional language, different from their mother-tongue.