Prep Newsletters

Prep Newsletter No. 1: Term 1 Week 1

Prep Newsletter No. 2: Term 1 Week 4
Prep Newsletter No. 3: Term 1 Week 6
Prep Newsletter No. 4: Term 1 Week 8
Prep Newsletter No.5: Term 2 Week 6

Buddy Writing Sessions

Prep students are 'buddied up' with a Middle School Student (3/4) and throughout the year, they participate in many different activites. 
As part of our focus on Writing, students have been using their Writer’s Notebooks. 3/4R and Prep D created some writing pieces for their most recent buddy session.

Term 2 Inquiry Play-Based Learning

During our Inquiry-based play the students rotate through different activities that link to what we are learning in the classroom. Our Unit of Inquiry is Community so students can play in the supermarket, post, office, vet or doctor’s office, there are maths activities all about teen numbers or literacy activities that link to the books that we have been looking at. It’s so much more fun to learn through play.

Maths Exploration in Term 2

Our topic for Maths has been teen numbers. We have been working on recognising them, ordering them, what they are made up of and writing them. Some of the activities that we have been doing are ordering the teen numbers on the clothesline, using ten frames and playdough to make teen numbers, matching numbers, numeral names and much more.