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Middle School Newsletter no. 1: Term 1

Middle School Newsletter no. 2: Term 1

Middle School Family Barbeque

It was an exciting welcome back to our existing and new families at our annual Middle School Barbecue. We enjoyed hot sausages, warm weather and a play in our outdoor learning space. It was a wonderful opportunity for teachers, parents and children to socialise and get to know one another.

Our first Unit of Inquiry

The year kicked off with the Middle School’s first Unit of Inquiry on celebrations. Students have been busy learning about world celebrations and appreciating all the diversity amongst individuals and societies. A ‘Curiosity table’ was organised in the classroom, which showcased items relating to various cultures’ celebrations. For example, a piñata, a didgeridoo and lanterns. Students have flocked to the tables and have been using the items as learning tools and inspiration for the remainder of the unit.