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Middle School Newsletter no. 1: 15th March
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Middle School Newsletter no. 7: 18th October

Mindful Movement Program

Middle School students have been partaking in the Mindful Movement Programme on a weekly basis, where they have explored the position and function of their pelvis and spine. The lessons, inspired by the Feldenkrais Method, support students to improve their movements, sensations, posture and breathing, to lead a healthier life.

Human body systems

Middle School students have engaged in a Unit of Inquiry on the human body systems that facilitate life. They have learnt the names, locations and functions of each system, and how they are interrelated. Students were tasked with creating replica models of a body system of interest.


This term the Middle School students are studying Biology. They are researching and creating a project based on an animal of choice. Students have been using a range of recources to research facts about their animal. By the end of the Term, students will present their project through either a PowerPoint presentation, presentation board or dodecahedron. It is wonderful to see such enthusiasm from the students.