Middle School


Middle School students attended a three day adventure camp at Phillip Island. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with one another and develop their social skills while partaking in fun outdoor activities and visiting popular local attractions. Some popular day activities were the flying fox, giant swing and archery! While students had a blast at the evening disco and talent show, were thrilled to walk along the beach and feed the pelicans and delighted in visiting ‘Amaze N Things’ where they completed puzzles, mazes and played mini golf.

Cross Country

All Middle School students participated in our annual Cross Country event. It was wonderful to see all students running outside and encouraging one another to achieve their goals. Congratulations to those students who won on the day and are off to District Cross Country, and well done to all, for a wonderful display of team spirit.


Middle School students love their fortnightly Homecrafts session. Throughout the year, each student gets the opportunity to work in a small group to prepare an entree, main, dessert, or salad from scratch. Meanwhile, other students are picking veggies in the garden, setting the table or collecting eggs from the chickens. If you ask the students, the highlight is usually when they all sit down together at the end of the lesson and enjoy a healthy meal that they have all contributed to creating.

House Athletics

We had beautiful weather for the House Athletics competition! Students from the Middle and Senior School walked to the local athletics track to compete and there was much excited chatter and cheers along the way. In the weeks leading up, students had been practising different Track and Field events, including Discus, Hurdles, Long Jump and much more, and they were now ready to show what they could do. A lovely day was had by all!

Numeracy in the Classrooms

Numeracy is the ability to understand and work with numbers. Students develop their understanding of mathematical concepts in Numeracy lessons through multiple exposures. That means that students consolidate their understanding of a mathematical concept when they are given multiple opportunities to encounter, engage with, and elaborate on new knowledge and skills.

For this task, students created fractions using a deck of cards and then ordered the fractions on the number line in descending and ascending order. A highly engaging but simple task!

Mindful Movement

Each week, students participate in the program, Mindful Movement. It is based on the Feldenkrais ideology of improving well-being and bringing awareness of body and mind through gentle, mindful movements.