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Middle School students attend fortnightly Homecrafts lessons, where they care for the school’s fruit and vegetable gardens, and use the fresh produce to cook with. Students are placed into peer groups, and are allocated a dish to make. By lessons end, students sit together and enjoy an entrée, main, side and dessert dish that they have collectively made. The Kitchen Garden Program enables students to develop social, communication and self-management skills, experiment with diverse cultural foods and customs and learn about horticulture, cookery and nutrition.

SOLO Maths

Middle School students have thoroughly enjoyed partaking in weekly ‘SOLO Mathematics’ lessons. The SOLO model allows students to self-reflect on their understanding of a particular mathematical concept. Students then choose an activity to participate in, based on their identified stage of learning. Each activity is organised according to the following stages:

Prestructural/ UnistructuralStudents have identified that they know nothing or just one thing about a mathematical concept.

Multistructural – Students know a few things about a mathematical concept.

RelationalStudents know several things about a mathematical concept.

Extended Abstract – Students fully understand a mathematical concept and are able to make connections to other mathematical concepts.


SOLO Mathematics fosters student agency and autonomy, and has proven popular amongst our eager learners!