Senior School

Beechworth Camp

Senior School students attended school camp in Beechworth, Victoria in March. They stayed at the Old Priory and visited historical landmarks, such as the Old Beechworth Gaol and Beechworth Courthouse. Other attractions included visiting The Kelly Vault, the Telegraph Station and the original Beechworth Honey shop; however, the stand-out was learning about Ned Kelly, the Kelly family and Kelly gang.’




Learner Profile

Senior School students demonstrated their understanding of the Learner Profile by creating classroom displays portraying their perception of each of the attributes. These images now adorn the classroom walls and serve as a reminder of what attributes we, as global citizens, should strive to have.




What does a Scientist Look Like?

What does a scientist look like? Senior School students pondered this question in their latest Unit of Inquiry. Students showcased their answers in drawings, each with a unique perception of a scientist's physical attributes. '




Leadership Forum

The Senior School year commenced with the highly anticipated Leadership Forum, where the School Leaders learnt all about their leadership roles and responsibilities, and what effective leadership entails. Leaders were gifted their leadership sashes and badges, which signified their important position within the school.