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Senior School Debating Course

The Senior School students participated in the Advanced Public Speaking Skills Debating Course with esteemed toastmaster, Sandra de Geest. In the Grand Finale, all students conducted exceptional debates and we thank the family members who came to support the students, and see their debates in action. All students excelled throughout the course, showing significant improvements in their public speaking skills, as well as their ability to work collaboratively in groups with a range of students. Teachers would like to thank families for supporting and assisting their children to prepare for their debates throughout the course.

Unit of Inquiry

The Unit of Inquiry, ‘who we are,’ explored the central idea, “the decisions we make everyday influence who we want to become.” Students learnt about benefits of a healthy body and mindset, and the factors and decisions that we make that affect these. They also learnt about the negative impact that alcohol and tobacco have on the body. 

‘Events from the past have influenced the world we live in today,’ was the central idea for the Unit of Inquiry, ‘where we are in time and place.’ Students were inquirers, finding out about a range of historical events, and significant individuals and groups from the past. Being reflective and open-minded, they then explored how these events and people have affected the world and shaped Australia into what it is today.