Our House System

Every child at Burwood Heights Primary School is placed into one of four houses, which they stay in until they graduate from Primary School. Students can earn points in the classroom, out in the yard, sporting events and during our 'House Spirit' Competition. Theses points are collated together and the House with the most points for the year is declared the winner and enjoy a House Party in the last week of school. 

Our Houses


Cowan House (Blue)

Blue house is named after Edith Cowan (see photo below). Edith was born in Western Australia in 1861. She worked for the rights and welfare of women and children. She is best known as the first Australian woman to serve as a member of parliament.


Florey House (Green)


Green house is named after Howard Florey (see photo below). Howard was born in South Australia in 1898. He is best known for developing penicillin to be used for medicine. Florey's discoveries are estimated to have saved over 200 million lives.

Flynn House (Red)


Red House is named after John Flynn (see photo below). John was born in 1880 in Victoria. He is best known for starting the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the world's first flying ambulance. 

Kenny House (Gold)


Gold House was named after Elizabeth Kenny (see photo below) . Elizabeth was born in 1880 in New South Wales. She was a nurse and she is best known for helping people who were sick with polio. Kenny's principles of muscle rehabilitation became the foundation of physical therapy or physiotherapy.