Current Notices

  Burwood Heights Primary School and Kindergarten

Wednesday 25th May - eSmart Online Parent Learning Sessions


6:15pm - 7:00pm

Parents and Guardians are invited to join an online presentation of 'Parenting in the Digital World' hosted by an eSmart education expert and learn skills and strategies for all ages to thrive online.

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7:00pm - 7:30pm

Parents of younger children know their children are capable users of technology - especially phones and tablets that they borrow and use and play on all the time. You might worry about whether Robloxs is a good app or if you should allow your child to video chat with friends? So, how do we build online safety into the lives of children aged 5-8 years old who are still not fully aware of what the internet is, how it works and what that means. This session will give parents an insight into that world and research undertaken by AMF and partners through the Playing IT Safe project and leave you with some simple and straightforward ideas on how to best set your child up for a life of appropriate and are technology use.


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