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Keep Thursday afternoon free to come to the school and learn some new recipes – new ideas, new cuisines, new friends!

If you missed the class, check out the recipes!


The app is called tiqbiz and is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone, Android Tablet and Windows phone devices. If you don’t have a mobile device, there is also an app available for computer, both Mac and PC.

We kindly ask that you download tiqbiz to one of these devices, register a free account then find and tick the school. When you are ticking the school boxes, please make sure you tick on “Whole School” and the specific grades that apply to your family.

You’ll receive all the information with a push notification – much like a text message directly to your device. Any last minute changes or reminders, we’ll be able to reach you to keep you completely informed and up-to-date. The app has some great features that will allow us to get information through easily and quickly, you’ll be reminded about important calendar dates 24 hours before, and everything we post can be translated into one of 81 languages!


You will also be able to submit student absence via the app now, authorised by your signature, electronically signed straight onto the screen with your finger!


We hope you will enjoy using this great communication tool. You feedback will be much appreciated.




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