Letterland Day in Prep

The Preps celebrated the wonderful world of letters, sounds and words when they has their Letterland Day.

Now the first term is over, our Prep students know all of the single-letter phonograms. To celebrate this wonderful achievement, the Prep Team threw a Letterland Party.  All of the students dressed up as their favourite Letterland character and played different games inspired by these characters. Some activities were:

  • Jumping over the hurdles, like Jumping Jim
  • Fishing for some fish like, Walter Walrus
  • Writing in rainbow colours like, Impy Ink
  • Making a beautiful crown to match Quarrelsome Queen
  • Racing rubber ducks like, Dippy Duck
  • Making and playing a drum, like Noisy Nick

It was so wonderful to see the creative dress ups and to celebrate the wonderful world of phonics!