Our aim is to educate the whole child. The child is at the heart of everything we do.


We want our children to become confident, enthusiastic learners, who are flexible, open-minded and able to navigate change in a fast-moving world.


Burwood Heights Primary School Kindergarten provides an exceptional educational experience of depth and quality for pre-school children from three years to five years of age. Our staff develop warm, sensitive relationships with the children in their care.


The programmes are designed, implemented and evaluated by highly qualified early childhood teachers who adopt a play-based approach to teaching and learning which encourages multimodal in-depth inquirers, which integrate language, mathematics, science, the arts and education for sustainable development.


The children are encouraged to make discoveries, develop theories, imagine, explore and interpret. Our indoor and outdoor programmes promote a love of learning, independence, co-operation ad confidence. Each day is filled with opportunities for sharing, laughing, movement, singing, experimenting, collaborating, creating, problem solving and expressing ideas.


Parents and families are always welcome to visit. The benefits to children of supportive family relationships cannot be over-estimated and we encourage the overlap of this in the social context.


We aim to have a kindergarten which sits at the heart of our community; a place of belonging; a place where we all work together to ensure each student’s time at Burwood Heights Primary School Kindergarten is happy and rewarding.


We hope you and your family will have many exciting years of discovery and friendship at Burwood Heights Primary School Kindergarten.


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