The Allegro Choir rehearse on Tuesday morning before school at 8:15am. Students from Grades Three to Six are invited to be part of this Choir. The First Rehearsal for the year is Tuesday 8th February, 2022. Click here to read a welcome letter and find out more about Allegro Choir.


The Allegretto Choir rehearse on Thursday at lunchtime. Students from Grade One and Grade Two are invited to join. Rehearsals will start mid-February and class teachers will let students know when Choir starts.


Both choirs performs at school events and community events throughout the year. 


Students who join the Allegro or Allegretto Choir will be asked to purchase a Choir polo top. Students must wear their own black pants, black shoes and black socks, for performances.


If students wish to join the choir they should do so at the start of a school year.

Exception: New students who start part way through a year and wish to join choir please speak to your class teacher who will make enquires for you.